Charles Fox ( @CharlesFoxCreates / @CharlesFoxCre8s )

Across different scenarios Charles has been referred to as, “The rocker guy”, “the poet”, “the comedian”, “the non-hip-hop guy”, “the video guy”, “the 360º video guy” & “the NFT guy”, all of this tells me that identity is a matter of circumstance. Raised in Greenfield, Massachusetts, after releasing 4 solo albums Charles wrote & published The Best Poetry You Have Ever Read which came with an NFT collection so supporters could receive a physical book & event ticket simultaneously. Charles likes to blend all aspects of our ever expanding universe into magestic pieces of audible & visable content. Performing is his favorite thing in the world which includes throwing parties, if he wants the microphone then he has something to say, if he wants the aux cord then he has something to play.