The next era has begun


At this age everyday is constant evolution for us. We're officially offering professional video services, professional studio recording services, & as of this month we've opened up our monthly party series "Creative's Kickback" to the public. There's too many things I talk about already & that quantity continues to increase. Let's start with "Creative's Kickback", the consistent elements at these parties are snacks, specifically the candy "hi-chew", fresh baked cookies made by Charles Fox himself (me), but most importantly a quote from all guests. The signature aspect of "Creative's Kickback" is that every guest is required to bring a quote from a movie, song, anything, then tell us why it is important to them. The goal being so that the things you speak aren't contained to the answers of "How have you been? What do you do for a living?". We want to guarantee real connection at one point in the party for everyone. In today's world it's surprisingly difficult to get real for a second, I often catch myself with phrases like "-not to get all deep." during casual conversation. We do this out of consideration for the people we socialize with but there's more often nothing wrong with getting deep or sharing something personal, unless you've committed an act of atrocity I don't think there is anything to be ashamed of. I like to think most people already think like this too but it is still a good thing to say.

The most exciting recent addition to NEPS is our new member, Christian Linberg. Christian is a longtime collaborator of Cam Barnes (mastering his most recent album "Don't Boil The Ocean") & many others in Burlington Vermont who take music seriously. That's why this August Christian has created NEPS Studios in Burlington. Linberg has invested serious time & money to have the right equipment & skills for helping anyone reach the professional standards with their sound. The resources in this studio include a full mixing board, drum isolation booth, an organ, as many mic stands as you'll need, & even more. Christian can produce, engineer, mix, & he especially loves to create the master files of songs. My first conversation with Christian was so electric I've continued to ask him for "bad news" because everything about him has been too good! Happy to say it's all been true & I have 2 different mastered versions of my latest song "Perfect Timing" on the way to ask peoples opinions on.

Even more exciting news is that our own Cam Barnes is officially moving to New York City! Cam Barnes never stops working on his craft of music production & lyricism, there's rumors of extra "Don't Boil The Ocean" songs & more beat tapes on the way. Cam is focused on packaging his new music in the best way so that it's fun rollout for everyone.

Charles Fox (me) is planning a consistent social media special that can be enjoyed by everyone with the primary goals of education, inspiration, & entertainment. Without giving too much away I can tell you this special will consist of multiple revolving segments, one of which revolves around a new word we have invented...